My goal as a Tattoo Artist

cmtattoos logo CMT (Crystal Meth Tattoos) was created in 1998 in ATHENS by Panayiotis Anastasakos.

Our services as a tatoo artist for 22 years are not only preferable ,loved but also adequate.

At the highest level of hygienic, top of the art equipment and technical knowledge in all aspects of the art.

Highest level services  proven to be trustworthy among many satisfied customers/collectors/associates, during our long and awesome course.

The goal for any client is to have one most enjoyable ,no risk experience/memory during the procedure of creation of his tattoo.

Long experience,the love of the tattoo art and the correct application of any technique, the knowledge of materials , hygienic protocols , and the correct execution of the procedure , defines and guarantees a wonderful and safe experience for you , upon deciding and accepting seriously , on entering the world of tattoo as a tattoo collector.

Updated in any sector of application , we welcome any, who choose us to create and share this awesome experience with.

Furthermore , the creation of any tattoo , is a deeper -than most people believe- procedure/experience and demands not only a higher level of communication between the collector and the artist but also mutual respect ,personal development ,humanism and trust.

Finally , if you accept our invitation , and accept to trust us with your tattoo creation , on any level of the procedure (interview, designing , color or not, any technique etc ) , with no risk and discomfort at all , in a definite enjoyable and relaxed environment and with understanding and appreciation ,objectivity and honesty .

Visit us and realize how superb your tattoo experience can become.

Respectfully ,

Panayiotis Anastasakos