• Custom Work—A tattoo that has been drawn, designed and tattooed specifically for one client by his/her tattoo artist.

Create your thoughts into a CUSTOM MADE and unique TATTOO DESIGN.Create a personalized CUSTOM MADE DESIGN depending on your personal symbolism,IDEAS and DESIRES .
The only thing you have to do is to share your idea with us and we will create the most awesome unique and CUSTOM MADE TATTOO design.
You can use it also as decorative idea, gift, clothing design or even make it a TATTOO .
Our 20+years of experience guarantees your satisfaction on getting a personalized TATTOO DESIGN for any purpose you wish it for .

1)PRICE depends on the type of design,size,detail,color and technique.
2)PAYMENT is being completed on deliverance of the prototype , through bank account transaction or directly at the studio (CM TATTOOS)  LASKARIDOY 100 – KALITHEA / ATHENS /GREECE.
3)You may sent your COMMISSIONS at PANASTASAKOS@GMAIL.COM or by calling at (0030)210 9560992 .
4)DELIVERANCE time of your CUSTOM MADE DESIGN depends upon the size , technique and details of the design but aprox. is 2-5 days.